Tuesday, March 10, 2009


As with most blogs, I feel like it's necessary to begin this blog with a little bit of an introduction.

Why would a DCM (Director of Catechetical Ministry) want a blog?

For several reasons.

First, because this is 2009 and it's how information is spread. Bloggers pick up news stories and put it on their blog and if they are clever enough in their writing or interesting enough in their opinions, people will go to their blog and pick up on interesting things around the world that may not have made the nightly news.

Second, because the internet is where people spend their time! People like to surf! They expect answers to be there and they like the dynamism that is present in a blog that is updated regularly. To have a website with a blog lets the reader know that someone is "there" and that website is not too old or outdated.

Finally, because catechesis, faith formation is personal. The faith was passed down through people. So instead of merely putting information on a website, it is also not a bad idea to put witness up there as well. People can come to the website and not just learn about the faith from linkes to other web pages, but they can also come and listen to a witness.

So, that's what it's for. As a catechist, my job is to make sure that the things I say about Jesus, the Bible and the Church are all true and are all faithful to the Church's teachings. So you can rest assured that this blog is not merely my own personal "take" on things.

However, it does give me an opportunity to say things like "Jesus gives us His Body and Blood in the Eucharist....how amazing is that?!" and be a little more personal than a static website.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have questions and please come back as this blog grows!

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